Automate Your Core
Business Processes
With SupplyLogic

SupplyLogic is an easy-to-use, PC-based solution that automates a small distributor’s core business processes. 

The system manages sales, receipts, inventory and provides sales analysis.

 SupplyLogic automatically collects, formats and transfers the data you need for cigarette reporting to tobacco manufacturers, enabling you to easily participate in manufacturer trade programs. 

With the optional DAC Express module, SupplyLogic users now have the ability to receive remote orders from your sales reps and customers.

Automate The Selling Process

SupplyLogic provides for manual entry of customer orders.

Since the system maintains accurate inventory, shortages can be known when placing the order.

SupplyLogic generates a picking document for items to be picked up for route delivery or customer pickup.

As the order is picked, any changes can be made to the picking document without re-entry of information.

As the picking is completed, the inventory is again automatically adjusted.


SupplyLogic has point-of-sale functionality to accommodate customers that enter the warehouse, pick their own products, and bring the products to a register for check-out and payment (cash, check or charge on account).

Hardware interfaces include cash drawer, scanner and printer.

Remote Ordering System

With the DAC Express app, customers can use their iPad or Windows laptop to submit remote orders.

The distributor’s sales reps at remote store locations can also use it to create orders quickly and efficiently by scanning product bar codes.

If Internet access is interrupted, DAC Express users can continue creating orders for submission later when access is restored.

Automate Receiving

SupplyLogic provides for the entry of purchase orders, which then act as documents for receiving orders.

As the receipt of inventory is checked, changes can be made to the receiving document without re-entry of information.

As receiving is completed, the inventory is automatically adjusted.

Accurate Inventory Control

SupplyLogic provides for accurate accounting of inventory at all times. The base system requires manual entry of receipts, audits, and adjustments.

Future enhancements will include a remote device (RF or cradled) with or without a scanning option for each function.

Accurate Sales Analysis

SupplyLogic has an interactive search tool that enables the user to analyze sales data based on several factors, including customer, salesperson, route; category, class, item; period (day, week, month and year); sales dollars, and sales quantity.


SupplyLogic automatically collects, formats and transfers data to MSA in the MULTICAT format, enabling the distributor to participate in manufacturer trade programs.



“CDR provides flexible, dynamic software that allows us to run our business the way we want to. Because of CDR’s commitment to innovation, we look forward to a long-term business relationship … Customer input is highly regarded at CDR. A special request from one customer can become an enhancement that benefits all distributors using the system.”

Joe Gussel, Secretary

Holiday Wholesale, Inc. Wisconsin Dells, WI

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