A Full Suite Of Services
To Help You Maximize
Your Distribution Software

Our company philosophy is built on

customer satisfaction.

CDR provides a wide range of professional services, enabling distributors to realize our software’s value and benefits fully.

We work side-by-side with distributors before and after they go live, providing the following suite of services:

Fast System Implementation

CDR guides customers through a proven implementation process that minimizes the time and resources needed for a successful go-live project.

With thorough data conversion, comprehensive training, and extensive testing, new customers are ensured of a seamless software conversion.

CDR’s professional project managers work closely with new customers step-by-step to ensure the project comes in on time and on budget.

Continuous Education and Training

CDR offers all-inclusive training for new customers, ongoing training for new employees, and product updates and new product releases.

CDR’s professional trainers skillfully blend product knowledge and industry expertise to help customers achieve new levels of software performance.

Hands-on training is available at the customer’s site or as online training, reducing the cost of travel and eliminating time away from the office.

Live Customer Support

CDR recognizes the mission-critical nature of your convenience distribution business.

We deliver the most responsive, trusted support service in the industry.

As part of CDR’s software maintenance plan, customers receive live, personalized customer care by phone, email, via our customer support portal, and on our website.

CDR’s support staff works directly with the end-user and has the ability to remotely access the customer’s software to expedite problem resolution.

CDR provides the knowledge and assistance needed for distributors to be responsive in a competitive market and to achieve long-term success.

Custom Enhancements

While CDR’s software applications are specifically designed to meet the needs of convenience distributors, we offer custom programming to satisfy the unique requirements of each operation.

With years of industry experience, CDR’s programming team is adept at designing and developing software solutions that complement and enhance our already feature-rich products.

Business Consulting

To help streamline tasks and improve efficiencies, CDR offers an on-site operational review that analyzes your business processes and makes recommendations based on best practices in the industry.

CDR’s follow-up report suggests ways for your company to make full use of our software offerings, thus maximizing your investment in technology.



“CDR is a professional, responsive software company that has provided innovative solutions focused on ADC’s needs since 1978. Their industry knowledge and commitment to product enhancements have led to improved efficiencies, cost savings, and customer service.”

Ricky Jones, President

Andalusia Distributing Co., Inc. Andalusia, AL

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