Founded in 1978, CDR has become a leading provider of fully-integrated software solutions designed specifically for distribution companies in the Convenience Products Industry. Since its origin, CDR has established and nurtured long-term relationships with convenience distributors by combining innovative software solutions with personalized customer care.

CDR is adept at anticipating industry trends and delivering advanced proven technologies that increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction and generate new sources of revenue. CDR’s Customer Steering Committee plays a key role in identifying industry requirements and charting the course of product development. CDR’s annual Customer Conference features educational workshops, speaker presentations and review of product enhancements. As an IBM Business Partner, CDR keeps pace with complex technologies and products and strictly adheres to IBM’s Professional Certification Program. CDR’s staff is populated with system analysts, programmers, hardware technicians, support personnel and sales specialists who are certified by IBM in multiple categories and roles. CDR is based in Rosemont, IL and offers a turn-key technology solution, providing software, hardware and professional services.



“CDR is a professional, responsive software company that has provided innovative solutions focused on ADC’s needs since 1978. Their industry knowledge and commitment to product enhancements have led to improved efficiencies, cost savings, and customer service.”

Ricky Jones, President

Andalusia Distributing Co., Inc. Andalusia, AL

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