Business Management

Business Management

DAC offers extensive, real-time operational reports and views that enable distributors to analyze a variety of business data across company, customer, product and time periods. DAC provides the tools to calculate, track and process all programs related to vendor purchases and customer sales.

  • Sales Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Manufacturer Reporting
  • Vendor Receivables
  • Business Intelligence: DAC Office


Optional Business Management Modules

DAC Chart Manager automatically produces and distributes charts and data that reflect the business operations of the distributor. This module provides a real time dashboard, in addition to charts that recap company, sales staff, vendor and retailer activity.
This module enables distributors to track the life cycle of convenience store equipment by serial number. It provides an audit trail for the status and location of each piece of equipment as it moves from warehouse to retailer and back for repairs. DAC Equipment Manager also provides the ability to associate products used by the equipment, such as coffee and condiments for a coffee machine, to determine if the retailer is buying the proper level of products.
DAC Office provides distributors with the ability to view and analyze essential company information in easy-to-read charts, graphs and reports.
The Formless Printing module enables distributors to create laser-printed invoices and statements, eliminating the cost of pre-printed forms.
This module provides the distributor with the information needed to monitor progress in achieving manufacturer market share goals. The information is available on demand throughout each quarter. Demographic and branding summaries are provided to support manufacturer requirements.
This module provides an interface to Trackmax software, which focuses on profit optimization through contract and rebate management. Trackmax captures all sales and purchase dollars earned at the line item level.

  • Multicat All Tobacco (MSA)
  • Multicat Candy & Grocery (MSA)
  • Multicat PepsiCo-QTG (MSA)
  • InfoMetrics
  • WAM
  • Wells’/Blue Bunny
  • Swedish Match – Prism
  • Progressive Group Alliance – PERCS

CDR supports all states that require an electronic reporting format.