Order Management Modules

DAC Connect

DAC Connect provides the distributor’s sales staff with real-time, mobile access to customer information. Utilizing a mobile Internet device, such as a laptop, netbook or iPad, sales personnel can check pricing, accounts receivable status, and inventory status. The unit also supports mobile ordering and order history review.  An optional barcode scanner adds extra efficiency.

DAC Express

DAC Express is a cost-effective order entry solution which runs on Windows-based laptops and iPads to provide your customers with an innovative, easy-to-use ordering system. DAC Express uses the compact Opticon OPN 2001 data collector to scan UPCs or item numbers. The order information is easily transferred to a PC where customers can edit orders, transmit orders via the Internet and receive order confirmations.

DAC Express Label Printing

With the DAC Express Label Printing module, the Zebra 320 Plus mobile label printer can be used at a store to print individual replacement labels as needed, or create label batches for printing any number of labels to set an entire store.

DAC Trade Show Manager

With this browser-based module, distributors can easily manage trade show activity at each booth, and quickly capture bookings for easy export to the DAC Pre-book Order system.

Web Console

Web Console enables distributors to develop strategic partnerships with retailers while reducing the time and costs associated with marketing products, ordering products and providing value-added customer service. Using the Internet, retailers can access the distributor’s website to submit orders, manage retail pricing and product authorization lists, display and print account information and statements, print invoices, generate velocity reports and much more.

Ai2 Interface

This module provides an interface to Ai2’s Pocket OrderWriter, a remote order entry solution which provides sales representatives with comprehensive customer information.

Spotlight Innovations Interface

This module provides the interface required to use web-based business solutions of Spotlight Innovations.

Email Order Confirmation

With this module, the distributor can automatically send an order confirmation email message to the customer when their remote order appears in DAC “live” orders.

Customer Loyalty Program

Vendors battling for market share in the modern convenience store offer numerous incentive programs for retailers. DAC’s Customer Loyalty Program gives the distributor the means to describe and track these incentive programs for their retailers.

Retailer Integration (EDI)

This module is used to facilitate electronic communication between the distributor and retailers.

Retailer Interfaces 

(require the Retailer Integration module):

  • PDI-Product Information (7501, 7550, 7555)
  • PDI-Pricing & Retailing (7511, 7521)
  • PDI-Invoices (1200, 1201, 1202)
  • PDI-Promotions (7530, 7531)
  • Pinnacle Electronic Invoice
  • ScanMaster POS Integration
  • MTC Invoice Format
  • CMI Price Book and Invoice Format
  • Factor
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